The Totally Buy Process

To find the right solution for you it is important to know what you are looking for:

So you’re thinking about buying a property?

That’s great news and the start of a very important process. However, before that journey can get going we need to know what you’re looking for.

“Easy” you might say
“To buy the best property I can with the money available and make the best investment decision I can”

Whilst that’s true there are some questions that need answering before we can help you find the property that’s best suited to your aims. Have a look at our simple questions and make a note of what’s most important to you in the property you hope to purchase:

  • Are you looking for a quick return on selling the property?
  • Is a high rent return on your investment important to you?
  • Are you looking to live in the property yourself one day?
  • Is a rent guarantee from a reliable letting company important?
  • Are you looking to hold the property for a period of more than 5 years?
  • Is the area in the U.K. you chose particularly important to you or are you willing to consider areas that give you the best returns?
  • Are you looking for a new build property?
  • Would you consider reserving an ‘off plan’ property and securing it at today’s price but with the possibility of enjoying a price rise before it is even built?
  • Are you particularly interested in the student market and only want property near universities?
  • Are you in interested in flats or houses?
  • Would you consider either?
  • Are you looking to buy more than one property?

So now we start to see the picture forming and using this information together with our knowledge and expertise we can recommend specific properties for you. Let’s consider some of the above questions in greater detail.


Quick returns

Generally to make money out of property you need to be willing to hold onto it for a little while. Most markets have fluctuations and its hard knowing when to let go. Our experience is that in an upturning market a 5 year retention of a property is a realistic time to maximise your return. Of course you can sell your property at any time. That choice will always be yours.

Rent returns

Whichever way you look at it, buying property for investment only works if someone wants to rent it and would ultimately attract buyers. It’s not just about finding any tenant but finding the right tenant.

Our staff have over 25 years’ experience of letting and selling property throughout the UK. We believe that no one works harder to achieve the best returns for you on your property investment in terms of rental income and resale value. Additionally, every property we sell is offered with a 3 or 5 year rent and ‘no maintenance’ guarantee. This means that the rent quoted is what you will get every month regardless of whether the property is occupied or not.

Maximising Rental Returns

Our affiliated letting partner, TotallyLet, manage a number of properties that are beautiful houses offered to tenants as ‘Shared Houses’. These aren’t your typical student houses but a lovely family home that is adapted to suit sharing professionals and overseas student. The rents paid for each room make these properties a really lucrative rental opportunity. Rental returns can often be more than 30% greater than houses let to just one occupant. So remember to look out for the term ‘HMO’ (House in Multiple Occupancy) on our property list and grab yourself a high rent yield property.


Areas of the U.K.

Most overseas investors first of all look at London or maybe one of the other major cities. Whilst these areas offer lots of choice they also come at a substantial premium and the cost of purchasing in these areas is often prohibitive for most U.K. residents. That’s something you need to consider when re-selling a property.

TotallyBuy sources property all over the U.K. and can find you a property in any area you request but of course prices fluctuate throughout the country massively. That is why we have established major contacts in many vibrant cities and towns throughout the North of the U.K.

These areas offer great returns and rental yields for your investment but are also carefully chosen to offer a good ‘exit’ strategy for when you sell the property.

Here is one such area to think about:
Hull, East Yorkshire

Hull is a coastal City with a population of approx. 350,000 people. It has a strong rental history and has seen massive recent regeneration. It is only a short distance to Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool.

The University of Hull is ranked 10th in the country, boast over 16,000 students from 100 countries and is highly respected with over 80% of its research regarded as being to the highest international standards.

Recently Hull was awarded the prestigious ‘City of Culture for 2017’ award and is expecting worldwide interest throughout this period. It has a busy marina with around the world shipping events taking place. Additionally, Hull and the Humber River estuary is about to become one of the world’s leading renewable energy sites with billions of pounds of investment already committed to the region by major companies including Siemens.

Property prices in this area start for a good quality traditional 2 bedroom property at around £70,000 GBP and rent for this type of property around £400 - £450 per month.

We cannot recommend this area enough as a potential investment hotspot….

New Build property

We work with a number of listed developers who are prepared to reserve property today for developments yet to be concluded. This can have the benefit of securing a sale price before the property has been completed and enjoying any increases without added cost. We would be happy to discuss reserving such a property in one of our key areas throughout the U.K.

Our Guarantee:

  • Fixed purchase price with clear fees
  • Nothing more to pay for 3 or 5 years (depending on package)
  • Guaranteed rental income for 3 or 5 years (depending on package)
  • Rental Guarantee and Maintenance Package renewable after 3 or 5 years
  • Total peace of mind—a fully furnished and maintained property generating an income for you
  • Your income paid quarterly into a bank of your choice (monthly payment also available)
  • Totally Transparent fees and charges
  • Our solicitors are based in Hong Kong and UK to deal with all sales and purchases under the relevant legal systems


So why invest in property?

Higher ROI than any ISA'S, bank etc.

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